The material has intrigued me from childhood.

It is stubborn and petulant, it would rather burst than bend. Razor-sharp and bullet-hardened… Intriguing because of its strength, hardness, colors and play of light…

Glass demands respect, but once the compromise is made, it manifests itself as the ideal medium to capture, refract, reflect or kaleidoscopically scatter light.

I like to process impressions, feelings, emotions,… in my creations. The glass acts as a catalyst for the light, which plays a very important role as an elusive factor.

I have a predilection for glass that already knew a previous life: bottles, windows, fire windows, found shards… Letting the material degraded to worthless shine again in new objects, compositions or installations are a common thread through my works.


Nico Sabbe (Kortrijk, 1974) is a visual artist with a passion for glass. In his works he tries to encourage the viewer to think and reflect. His works are both figurative and visually abstract. Glass is combined with other materials such as steel, natural stone, wood or ceramics. A scientific background helps to use the material to its utmost properties.

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